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Pandemic Journal Day 28: The One Where We Break the Quarantine

May 5, 2020

May 4, 2020. No one has to leave the house for that Insta worthy travel shot. Here’s how to take attention-grabbing travel photos without breaking the quarantine.

A third-party advertising agency has recently used the “Pandemic Card” to coax me into lowering my ad rates. “Client is looking for more negotiable quotes as their marketing budgets too dropped due to the crisis in the market,” the agent explained.

As we are one of the fortunate ones whose employers continue to provide food and shelter despite the economic mess the Coronavirus put the world into, I have no need to haggle for extra income just yet. So I declined.

Meanwhile, reports of big brands cancelling influencer partnerships began to populate the internet. Could the Coronavirus kill influencer culture? Is this the end of influencing as we knew it?

So many questions arise, but Bloomberg’s article delivered the most interesting one.

When the picture isn’t pretty, how influencers are adapting to lockdown?

To which I have a huge suggestion.

Remember how in your early days as influencers, you kept in to yourselves to “fake it ’til you make it?” This is the perfect opportunity to go back to your roots. Although you have to be more creative to adapt your time-tested motto to your current needs.

Fake it ’till you make it out of the house again!

Here’s what you have to do. Go around your house and start taking photos. Now all you’ll ever need is a good cropping and a fancy caption. A local phrase or quote for that authentic vibe is a must.

Because “immersion.” Right?

Exhibit No. 1: Blue sky, mysterious red door. Never mind that this is the water tank in your rooftop because you’re heading to the Greek island of Mykonos. All you need is a Greek phrase and you’re good to go.

Mykonos - Travel at home challenge
Mykonos - Travel at home challenge

Pias to avgo kai kourefto! Drinking a local draft while wondering about the mysteries of life. #Mykonos #Greece

Exhibit No. 2: Drift wood, greens, reptile. Your pet chameleon propped in your vivarium is your passport to the exotic jungles in the Galapagos.

Galapagos Islands - Travel at home challenge
Galapagos Islands - Travel at home challenge

Es el mismo perro con diferente collar! Unleashing my inner beast in the mysterious islands of #Galapagos #Ecuador

Exhibit No. 3: Got a rug? Then welcome to Istanbul, baby!

Istanbul - Travel at home challenge

Çanak yalayıcı! This is not a magic carpet ride, just trying out one of the authentic carpets here at a local souq in #Istanbul #Turkey

Exhibit No. 4: Roof top and beige neighborhood. This photo will easily pass as one of those rustic rooftops in Marrakesh.

Marrakesh - Travel at home challenge
Marrakesh - Travel at home challenge

Ila kan sahbek 3ssal matlaghfouch! Enjoying my favorite sparkler at this rustic rooftop in #Marrakesh #Morocco

Exhibit No. 5: Influencers are known for having their photos in the most unique (read: mundane) local spot. An artsy setup in a corner of your room is now an art cafe somewhere in New York City.

New York - Travel at home challenge
New York - Travel at home challenge

First thing’s first, I love all my niggas! Enjoying a cold brew at an art cafe in the Big Apple. #NewYork #ConcreteJungleWhereDreamsAreMadeOf

Exhibit No. 6: Take off the step ladder and bring in a table and chair. Open a can of dolma and a bottle of wine (read: empty grape juice bottle and coffee in a tall glass) and you’re sipping the local wine in Armenia.

Yerevan  - Travel at home challenge
Yerevan  - Travel at home challenge

“Inchan petk e vtsarem minchev Yerevan!” It means, food is always great in #Yerevan #Armenia

Exhibit No. 7: Bring pizza into the scene and you’re in Naples. The Neapolitans may kill me for using my pandemic pizza in the photo, but you got my point. Just use a better one.

Naples - Travel at home challenge

Ha la faccia de pesce lesso. Here in #Naples #Italy, the birthplace of pizza.

The tourism and hospitality industries are the ones getting the short end of the stick. We all know that. Even Nevada Mayor wishes to open Las Vegas. Though that’s a different kind of shit.

The world is in lockdown. Everyone stays at home. So why continue with the promotion? Who would they promote travel to?

Granted, they need to leverage their internet visibility for when this pandemic is over. To this effect, aren’t the ad agencies taking advantage of this pandemic to buy cheap promotion and search engine ranks?

If you’re a travel influencer, I have just given you a way to combat this debacle. And remember, no one has to leave the house for that Insta worthy travel shot.

Meanwhile, enjoy this playlist of my actual travels.

Spam me with your Instagram links and showcase your best #TravelAtHomeChallenge or #QuarantineTravel shots.

Happy Star Wars Day! May the 4th be with you!

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