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Pandemic Journal Day 15: The One Where You Guess The Netflix Title

April 30, 2020
The One Where You Guess The Netflix Title

April 21, 2020. Remember how the episodes of the hit American comedy series Friends start with “The One With/Where” followed by a short description of the what went on during the episode?

“The One Where Dr. Ramoray Dies” is the episode where the writers of “Days of Our Lives” kill off Joey Tribbiani’s character, Dr. Drake Ramoray. “The One Where No One Proposes” is the episode where Joey kneels to pick up Ross’ ring which causes Rachel to think he’s proposing.

The audience remembered the titles because they reminded them what transpired during the episodes. They remembered because that’s how they talked about the show in the office pantry the next day and years after. “You know, ‘The One Where Ross and Rachel… You Know.'” The title naming convention clicked among the viewers.

The same with every movie or TV show you talk with your friends, colleagues, and even with Tinder matches when you ran out of things to talk about. But when you can’t pull out the title from the tip of your tongue, you start describing the characters, the scenes, and even the famous lines. Without knowing the titles, you both know what’s you’re talking about.

The with a giant gorilla in Empire State Building is “King Kong.” The one with Darth Vader is “Star Wars” (even if he no longer exists in the first and last three movie installments). “The Devil Wears Prada” is the one where she scoffs at the two blue belts and the boss berates her about her cerulian sweater. “Jaws” is either the one with the big shark or the one where Rob Schneider says “you’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

As reported by BBC, the number of Netflix subscriptions peaked during this Coronavirus Pandemic. As people confine themselves at home, binge watching on the streaming service is one of the most popular ways to keep one’s sanity at bay.

But what if Netflix Originals followed the same title naming method the Friends producers gave their show’s episodes.

Let’s play a game? The one where you’ll guess the titles.

I’ll give the “Friends” description, you guess the title of the Netflix show. The first three are given, then you guess the ones that follow.

Let’s start with the series.

1. The One With Dali Masks.

Answer: Money Heist (La Casa de Papel)

It’s easy; the casts wear the Salvador Dali mask during the takeover of the Bank of Spain. The show became so popular that the Dali masks and jumpsuits were stable costumes the following Halloween. Should anyone tell you about the one with the Salvador Dali mask, you’ll immediately know the title even if you haven’t been watching the show.

2. The One With Red Hair.

Answere: Russian Doll

The title could also be “The One Where She Always Dies” but according to Yahoo! Lifestyle, the real star of “Russian Doll” is Natasha Lyonne’s red hair.

3. The One Where Her Nose Bleeds

Answer: Stranger Things

Because Eleven’s nose always bleeds whenever she unleashes her powers.

4. The One With Adopted Superheroes.

5. The One With Yellow Raincoat.

6. The One With Too Many Orgies

7. The One With Korean Zombies

8. The One Where Panna Cotta Is The Message

9. The One Where The First Lady Becomes President Because Kevin Spacey Has A Scandal And They Cancel The Show

10. The One With Chanchigorri Cake

11. The One With (Excruciatingly Cheesy) Teenage Love Letters

12. The One Where Harry Potter Got Lost In The Woods

13. The One With The Love-struck Stalker

14. The One With Drug Cartel

15. The One With Walter White

16. The One Where They All Became Murderers In The End

17. The One That Sparks Joy (But Actually Sparks Rage Because Why The Hell Should I Dispose These?)

18. The One With Spider Meatballs

19. The One Where The Apple Is More Of A Banana

20. The One With Bootleg Legolas

Write your answer in the comment section but only choose one so others will have their chance to guess, too.

Disclaimer: This is not in any way sponsored by Netflix. I wish it were but isn’t.

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