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I Gambled on Poop Jokes and Facebook Ban Happened

November 18, 2019

This blog is not suitable for dining audiences. Reader discretion is advised.

Poop Advisory

First, Instagram prevented me from following new accounts. Whenever I do so, an error message pops out of the screen. And after checking the possible causes, I found the culprit was my blog URL on my bio.

I just took it out and I can start following new accounts again. Problem solved. No big deal.

Then Facebook follows. The social media giant prevents me from linking to my blog posts, citing that people had reported my blog for abuse. Scrolling through my feed, I realized all my previous posts leading to my blog were all deleted.

Honestly, I quite expected this since Facebook and Instagram are now both under the Suckerbird brand.

But the question is, what constitutes abuse and which blog posts triggered my conservative readers to click the red flag.

You see, I just turned forty a while ago. If you want the specifics, let’s just say that exactly a year after my 40th birthday, #HarryPotter and #TailEndOfSummer will be competing for the Top 1 and 2 trending on Twitter.

Yes, I share the same birthday with “the boy who lived.” Only I’m exactly a year older.

Now at forty, I believe I am at the right age for more mature content. Poops jokes now appear more prominently in my writing.

Which led me to believe that someone who is not accustomed to reading the “P-Word” decided to report the content abusive. And of all my blog posts, I am inclined to believe this one’s the culprit.

Too bad for my conservative reader though, he or she failed to read the article well enough to know that it wasn’t really about poop. Though I had to admit I placed a lot of poop in there.

I would have actually been more apologetic or empathizing had he or she reported an older post which is actually all about poop. Though, as I have yet to turn forty at the time I wrote it, at the time I have yet to be ready for more mature content, the P-Word was replaced with other not-so-poop-sounding words.

Such as the word shit. Which aimed to connote something like “shit happens” instead of the actual shit as in the P-Word.

See? The title even has a clear warning.

But I’m convinced that it really wasn’t the post my conservative reader flagged. Otherwise, my blog links would have been obliterated on Facebook and Instagram ages ago. That shit post was published at least two years ago.

But I have no plans to appeal to Facebook or Instagram to revert the ban. There are probably millions of writers out there who suffer from the same abuse flag so the chance for Facebook or Instagram to notice my appeal is close to none.

But I am writing this to warn every citizen of the internet who may come across my blog about my explicit poop content. That by clicking at the titles, be it poop-smeared or otherwise, they consent to read poop jokes and the blog author, which is me, is not liable for any moral or gastronomical damage the poop jokes may possibly cause.

I even made banners to make the stern warning more visible.

Warning! This blog is not suitable for dining audiences. Reader discretion is advised.

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