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Pandemic Journal Day 6: The One With the Rubber Shoes

April 15, 2020
Pandemic Journal Day 6

April 12, 2020. The contagion showed no signs of stopping causing the government to further extend the curfew. From the original nine cities and governorates, the effectivity of the 24-hour curfew expanded to the rest of the country.

A local news website started to report coranavirus-related violations.

  • A man in his 40s posted on social media a video of himself threatening to spread COVID-19 from region to region.
  • A group of expats not only for violating the rules but also for stealing electrical equipment from a government-owned electricity company.
  • Two men presented themselves as security officers to mug people of their money and vehicles.
  • On another video published on social media, a man recorded a footage of empty shelves in supermarkets and claimed shortage of supplies only to find out later that store management purposely emptied the shelves for disinfection.


With the previous success of my pineapple pizza, I went out to buy more freshly-baked flat breads from a supermarket adjacent to our building. But instead of taking the shortest way, I walked around the entire block on my way back for exercise and to catch more sunlight.

Tired and sweaty upon arriving at home, I took the pair of rubber shoes I intended to wash manually and placed them directly in the washing machine. Surprisingly, the process did not ruin my shoes.


Contrary to what we’d like to believe, this pandemic is not turning us crazy; it only magnifies what we really are.

The gluttons are eating twice as much. The sloths are still in bed. And the greedy pioneered in the news with their toilet papers.

The abundance of free time does not guarantee increased productivity; the same is true for the lazy. But at least I we get to clean our shoes.

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