Pandemic Journal

Pandemic Journal Day 3: The One Where We Raid the Refrigerator

April 12, 2020
Pandemin Journal Day 3

April 9, 2020. It did not help that we bought a Smart TV the weekend before the lockdown. In the two days we spent binge watching on Netflix, we consumed snacks we intended for the whole week.

Now that I completed the latest installments on series I follow, I can no longer count how many times I took trips to the refrigerator. Not that I needed to eat, I needed to appease my boredom.

And with the usual snacks gone, I resorted to scavenging what can be scavenged from the refrigerator. I had an apple, two oranges, two cups of Greek yogurt, I forgot the rest.

If this coronavirus won’t kill us, overeating will. And should we survive both, starvation will be our next pitfall.

Fortunately, bushcraft videos on YouTube saved me from this malady. Now I dream about outdoor camping in the wild.

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