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Pandemic Journal Day 2: The One Where We Can’t Sit Still

April 11, 2020
Pandemic Journal Day 2

April 8, 2020. The week prior to the lockdown, I availed a full week of paid vacation and stayed at home. Just because I can. But when the Company obliged us to use our leave credits for the days we’re required to stay at home, guess who complained the most. Yours truly.

The Government expressed its desire to help lessen the financial impact of the pandemic to private companies by allowing them to cut their employees’ wages and working hours. In favor of the employees, the announcement came with the condition that the decrease in wages must accurately reflect the numbers of hours worked.

But with the 24-hour curfew and the suspension of work, zero hours worked equates to zero wages. And in this light, the Company announced that as soon as the employees return to work, they must submit leave applications for days spent in lockdown.

I remember being the student who can usually wolf down literary books but suddenly can’t because it’s for a school project. Or the employee who would usually render overtime work but suddenly could not because the Boss ask him to. The same employee who hated staying at work late but suddenly demands for his right to do so because the Boss told him he can’t.

The Everywhereist wrote about “how someone can sit still for a huge stretch of time without any problem at all, but if you tell them that they have to stay still, they won’t be able to do it.”

If this pandemic is a musical, we are the Rum Tum Tugger. The rebellious and unappeasable cat.

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