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Pandemic Journal Day 13: The One With Pandemic Pizza

April 25, 2020
Pandemic Journal Day 13: Pandemic Pizza

April 19, 2020. As if the online hatred for my pineapple pizza isn’t enough, I further explored flavors and toppings for my pandemic pizza.

Look at these rectangular ones. I bought thinner and larger flat breads that the pineapple pizza base so I had to stack two pieces together and spread tomato sauce and shredded mozzarella as base.

Exhibit A (Left) — Pandemic Pizza with roasted chicken and barbecue sauce. Unfortunately, the barbecue sauce spread all over the surface during baking. And while it tasted great, it didn’t look appetizing.

Exhibit B (Right) — Pandemic Pizza with canned tuna, oven-dried tomatoes, onion rings, and cheddar cheese. I would have been better had I topped it with green bell peppers, too, but it turned out awesome anyways.

With the use of double stacked thin flat breads, both pizza turned out extra crispy. Just the way my flatmates and I liked our pizza crust. The center-most slices however turned out a little too moist.

And like I have always said, this is not the time to debate what goes on top of your pizza dough (or in my case, flat breads). As long as people are willing to eat it, no one should be discriminating.

During our younger years way back in our home country, my siblings and I used to do similar make-believe pizzas. We simply topped our sliced breads and pandesal with tomato sauce and cheese pimiento and toast them in the electric oven. Instant pizza!

Creativity and resourcefulness are just two of the many things that can help us go through this dark phase.

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