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Pandemic Journal Day 11: The One With Chicken Burnout

April 24, 2020
Pandemic Journal Day 11

April 17, 2020. My flatmates threatened to throw a fit should we continue to have chicken on our next meal. Guess what we just had for lunch — chicken. Oddly, no one threw a fit. Because everyone understood that until this pandemic is over, chicken is all we’re having. Either that or eat nothing.

When the Government placed the entire nation under the 24-hour curfew, it still allowed people to go out to shop for food between 6:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. but only without the premises of one’s district.

The fish market, unfortunately, is located several districts away from ours. So fish is out of our options.

The nearest considerably larger supermarket, where we supposedly could buy fish, is outside the boundary of our district. Had we had our accommodation moved two kilometers north of where it’s standing, we could have access to that supermarket. But, sadly, no.

We have at least three small supermarkets near our home but unfortunately, none sells fish. All they have are chicken, frozen and fresh. So we had to deal with chicken.

I remember visiting my mother on a New Year’s Eve a decade or so ago. I brought roasted chicken I bought along the way. She reminded me that we never had chicken on any New Year’s Eve until that night.

Because chicken on New Year’s Eve bring bad luck.

You know how chickens eat? In our native native language, we say “isang kahig, isang tuka.” In English, it literally translates to “one scratch, one peck.” It’s an expression to describe one’s poor living condition when one had to work for each meal.

Now I had to ask, how many household served chicken in the last New Year’s Eve that brought us to this Pandemic?

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