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Pandemic Journal Day 10: The One in Tagaytay City

April 19, 2020
Pandemic Journal Day 10

April 16, 2020. The City Government of Tagaytay reported its first confirmed Coronavirus case — a nurse working in Tagaytay Medical Center. Authorities placed the entire Ayala Serin Compound where the patient lives, and Lanting St. in Barangay San Jose where the patient reportedly visited.

With the nurse being the city’s patient number one, the residents have one question: Where did the patient acquire the virus infection?

On one hand, it is necessary to withhold some information to prevent panic among the citizens. On another, leaving questions unanswered may cause the people to speculate which could leave to uncontrolled chaos and mass hysteria.

People are bound to ask questions. Transparency is the key.

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