Pandemic Journal

Pandemic Journal Day 1: The Pilot

April 10, 2020
Pandemic Journal

April 7, 2020. The news broke out on twitter at around 9:30 the previous night. To further contain the new coronavirus, COVID-19, the Government decided to put major cities and governorates under 24-hour curfew effectively immediately and indefinitely. Ours included.

Anxiety rose as we wait for the official announcement from the Company. Our decisions on whether to take a shower early in the morning or not the next day depends solely on theirs.

Fortunately, exactly an hour later, the Company announced the suspension of work following the advise of the Head Office.

I retired to bed late and woke up the next morning to fried rice, eggs, and sausages on the table. Despite previous knowledge of the suspension of work, my flatmates woke up early as usual to prepare breakfast — a clear sign of old age.


In other news: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte extended the Lockdown in Luzon up to April 30; Japan’s Prime Minister Abe Shinzo declared a State of Emergency for Tokyo and six other prefectures; while UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson tested positive for Coronavirus.


Our stock of meat, eggs, and vegetables in the refrigerator will last us for a few days; we did not need to go to the supermarket for the time being. However, knowing that we can no longer go out past 3:00 in the afternoon, the desire to go out felt inevitable.

I took a quick trip to the mini-grocery across the street past 2:00 p.m., grabbed a big bag of french fries, and went to the cashier before time ran out.

Back at the home, I tossed the bag of fries in the freezer and ran to the shower. Nothing triggers the germophobes in us like this Coronavirus.



The Pandemic Journal is inspired by Jessica Zafra’s Journal of a Lockdown, only less witty. “Friends” inspired the daily titles. You may also follow this series on Medium.

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