Jeddah Tower Construction Progress as Seen on Google Maps

April 28, 2018

Comparing the satellite image captured last April of 2018 (see below) to the actual Google Maps image in 2019, I think it’s safe to say that this project is no longer going anywhere.

Jeddah Tower Construction Update as of 17 October 2018

I haven’t checked Google Map last week and upon opening it today, Wednesday, the current satellite image has changed to this. No significant update for the past six months.

Progress as of 19 May 2018

Jeddah Tower Construction Progess as of November 2016 (Google maps)

Jeddah Tower Construction Progess as of November 2016 (screen capture from Google maps)

A few people I happened to chat with over the weekend gave me further confirmations that the construction of Jeddah tower was indeed halted. Someone even informed me that some of the expats working at the construction site already went back to their respective home countries because of this.

Additionally, if you would look at Chocoblet’s YouTube channel, there is also no further timelapse update and we’re already was past two-thirds of the month.

Below is a photo of the current state of the Jeddah Tower. I took this photo this morning when we were at the Al Sahel Resort near the construction site.

Jeddah Tower Construction as seen from Al Sahel Resort

Jeddah Tower Construction as seen from Al Sahel Resort. May 19, 2018

Progress as of April 2018

As of the last update, the tower stands at 266 meters tall and 66 stories high.

Jeddah Tower Construction Progess as of April 2018 (Google maps)

Jeddah Tower Construction Progess as of April 2018 (screen capture from Google maps)

As mentioned in a similar video uploaded by user Mega World on April 2, 2018, the construction was temporarily put on hold following investigations surrounding the chief building financiers.

Also note that on the latest timelapse update from Youtube user Checoblett, the latest photo included was taken on March 27, 2018. No further photo was taken in the month of April further implying that the construction of the tower could really be temporarily halted.

Perhaps we should just wait for the next month’s video update.

If you haven’t been in the loop, Jeddah Tower is set to eclipse the height of its predecessor, Burj Khalifa in Dubai once completed. This first of its kind, one kilometer-tall tower is set to boost the already booming tourism industry in Saudi Arabia (with over a billion Muslims all over the world set to visit Makkah and Medina at least once in their life) with its planned residential and commercial spaces.

It is interesting to note that you could actually observe the Jeddah Tower construction progress by locating the site in Google Maps at coordinates 21.734725, 39.0826868. I first noticed the visibily of its on-going construction on November 3, 2016 and from them on, I have been closely monitoring its progress.

Architectural Rendering of Jeddah Tower

Architectural Rendering of Jeddah Tower. Photo taken from the official website of the Kingdom Holding Company.

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