Japan Visa for Filipinos (Requirements and procedure for acquiring tourist visa for Japan)

February 23, 2011

I went one Monday morning to the Japan Embassy in Pasay to file my tourist visa application only to be told by the security guards to file my papers to one of the accredited travel agencies. I visited the one located in SM Mall of Asia, submitted the required documents, paid Php 2,000 application fee and was told to wait for their call in seven to ten days for the result. I received a call from the agency, a few days after and was told to report to the branch to collect my passport. Unfortunately I was not granted a visa for Japan and the processing fee was non-refundable. The reason my visa application was denied was not disclosed.

For those wishing to visit relatives in Japan or just planning a personal tour without a sponsor, Japan visa applications can no longer be filed directly at the Japan Embassy in Roxas Boulevard. Visa applicants should go through travel agencies duly authorized by the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines. Check the website of the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines for the official list of recognized travel agencies and other information for visa applications.

One good thing about this new visa application process is that you can save yourself the burden of having to go through long queues for long hours. The only drawback is you now have to pay the processing fee (I never paid anything for my Japan visa in 2004).

Below are the types of visas being issued by the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines, and the link to corresponding documents required.

Types of Japan Visa

Update April 2015: We were able to acquire our Japan visa from the same travel agency and were able to marvel at Tokyo Disneyland Parade of Characters.

Update 20 November 2014: Proof of financial capacity no longer required when visiting Japan via a commercial package tours.

Single-entry Tourist Visa for Philippine Nationals Joining Package Tours organized by Registered Travel Agencies

Aimed to further develop Japan-Philippine exchange, a new system to simplify the visa application procedure for single-entry tourist visa of Philippine Nationals, who join package tours organized by the registered travel agencies, will be implemented starting November 20, 2014. Under this system, part of the requirements (proof of financial capacity etc.) that applicants used to prepare may be omitted.

Please refer below for the procedure under this system.

Eligible Applicants

Tour participants who apply for visas under this system must be nationals of the Philippines currently residing in the region under the jurisdiction of the Japanese Embassy/Consulate in the Philippines.

Definition of Package Tour

  • Package tours should be organized, advertised for participants, and carried out by registered travel agencies themselves for tourism purposes only. Purposes other than tourism (such as commercial/business, visiting relatives, visiting friends) cannot apply under this system.
  • Reservations for round-trip airplane tickets to Japan, accommodations throughout the tour period and domestic transportation services if applicable (domestic plane tickets, shinkansen, express trains, buses, and ferries etc.) must be arranged by the registered travel agencies. Applicants cannot make the arrangements themselves.
  • Period of stay in Japan must not exceed 15 days

Required Documents

  • passport
  • visa application form
  • photo
  • birth certificate
  • marriage contract (if the applicant is married)

If the applicant has his/her passport (old or valid)with used Japanese visa, birth certificates and marriage contracts can be exempted.

Source: Embassy of Japan in the Philippines

Update 18 June 2014: Japan relaxes Visa Requirements for Nationals of Indonesia, the Philippines, Viet Nam and India to a quasi-exemption-equivalent level.

This post was originally published on a different domain In February 2011. It received several questions from Filipinos wanting to visit Japan for several reasons. In response to these inquiries, we are posting the list of distinct cases wherein the applicant may proceed directly to the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines, Consular Offices in Cebu and Davao (or other Japanese Consular Offices in your country of residence) to process their Japan visa application or other visa related matters.

  • Diplomatic or Official visas.
  • Visas for invitees by the Japanese government organization/ institution, independent administrative agencies of Japan
  • Visas for invitees of Japan local governments or national/municipal educational institutions of Japan to participate in educational/cultural exchange programs and youth exchange programs
  • Visas for scholarship awardees sponsored by the government of Japan
  • Visas for commercial purpose of employees of a joint venture company or a branch office of a Japanese enterprise listed in the Japanese Stocks Exchange or a member of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Philippines.
  • For cases requiring humanitarian consideration such as serious illness of relative in Japan.
  • For cases wherein applicant has custody of biological child of Japanese national and the purpose is to raise that child in Japan by himself/ herself (This type of application may only be filed at the Embassy of Japan in Manila)

Reference: Embassy of Japan in the Philippines

Japan Visa for Package Tours

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