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Travel Websites & Magazines that Pay Freelance Travel Writers $100+

April 8, 2018

Get Paid to Write as a Travel Writer

Since blogging became a thing, most bloggers have been solely focused on establishing a successful blog that will rank well in search engines. They do this in the hopes of getting opportunities to get paid to write and publish sponsored content on their respective blogs. This has been the most popular way, but is never the only way, to earn from your writing.

I have been blogging since 2008 and never did it occur to me that I can actually monetize my writing without peddling my blog for paid content or advertising. Not until I was thought the idea of content writing. And how is it any different?

Sponsored Posts vs. Content Writing

When you do sponsored posts, you work as an “influencer,” someone who has a large following. You use your blog (or social media channels) as a bridge to connect advertisers to your audience. Simply put, as a blogger, you either write the article or the client provides the promotional content for you to publish on your own blog in exchange for a compensation.

In content writing, on the other hand, you get paid to write the article and it will be totally up to your client how they will make use of your content. Clients usually publish your material on their website or pass it to another influencer for publishing on their respective media channels. Whichever they do so, the client takes benefit and you will be compensated.

Get Paid to Write Travel Stories for these Publications

Below is a list of the travel websites and online magazines that pay freelance travel writers $100 and up for article submissions. These websites encourage travel writers to pitch their ideas or directly submit travel content and narratives for immediate publishing. Note that there are also other websites that you can write for if you prefer writing about topics other than travel (personal finance, graphic design, or even cryptocurrency, among others). Click on the links for individual submission guidelines.

I started my freelance content writing services when I wrote for an e-commerce website selling travel bags. Despite the writing gig lasting only for six months, it was more than enough to boost my confidence which paved the way for many other writing engagements. Freelance content writing not only helps in paying the bills, most importantly, it helps me improve my writing skills through constant writing.

Transitions Abroad is a travel website with a strong focus on stories about moving abroad for working, living, studying, or volunteering. The site pays up to $150 for travel advise, experiences, and adventures of 800 to 2,000 words.

Verge Magazine has a similar focus as Transitions abroad. If you’re a traveler going overseas for the purpose of migrating, working, teaching, volunteering, or studying, Verge Magazine may publish your travel narratives. They accept contributions of 600 to 800 words and with a higher pay rate of $0.75 per words, your work may earn you between $450 to $600 inclusive of your photos

Great Escape Publishing (The Travel Writer’s Life) accepts articles that follows their website’s philosophy — to show readers how to enjoy a life of travel, adventure, creativity, and freedom while earning a good living. Payments range from $50 to $70 for their general theme, $100 to $150 for interviews and personal stories, and $150 to $200 for more motivating income-generating advice.

Big Grey Horse Media only accepts content from travel writers based in Texas and are familiar with the state. Article length should be 600 to 1,00 words written in first person POV with a focus on destination reviews — restaurants, hotels, events, and bars, among others. Original photos should accompany the article and payment rate is $125 to $200 per article under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and contract.

World Hum is looking for articles on wide travel-related topics, as well as high-quality audio slideshows with photographs and sound and audio narrations. Articles for submission should have a length of at least 1,500 words. The submission guideline does not disclose the payment rates.

AFAR has a mission to inspire and guide travelers who seek connection with people, experience, and culture. The publications seek authentic cultural experiences which allow readers to explore and understand each destination in the locals’ perspectives. Reports from previous writes state that AFAR’s pay rates range $0.50 to $1.50 per word.

Travel + Leisure Magazine does not have a specific submission guideline but the editors prefers specific story angles, fresh subjects, and a writer’s enthusiasm and familiarity with the subject. Having a large audience gives this publication the luxury pay rates as high as $1 per word.

Pitching an article can be very frustrating but it will give you the much-needed confidence boost when a travel website accepts your article. And this I tell you — your first successful pitch will pave the way for many great writing opportunities in the future.

Get paid to write travel stories

Disclaimer: I have yet to have a successful pitch to any of the travel websites and magazines in the list above. I will update this page once I have a successful submission. My current writing portfolio still revolves around writing tasks I regularly receive from third-party content writing managers who I met through this travel blog (hint: your blog is your biggest writing portfolio).

This page will have regular updates as I continue to stumble on potential publications for article submission. You might want to bookmark this page or subscribe to my email list (use the subscription form found here) to receive updates whenever possible.

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