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Tokyo Disneyland Parade: It’s WHEN the magic happens

June 27, 2015

The minute the Disneyland Parade of characters started rolling, my kids were naming each character they’d recognize one after another. “Oh, it’s Tigger! And Goofy! And Donald Duck! And Mickey!!!” And I was like, “I know, right? Is this a classroom roll call?” Though deep in my battle-worn heart, I was struggling to contain my delight seeing them with so much joy and excitement.

In the title, I put the biggest emphasis on WHEN because even if the park’s slogan says “It’s where the magic happens,” the magic doesn’t really start until the Disneyland Parade of Characters begins.

You see, my kids probably wouldn’t remember the rides. Or the colorful Mickey and Minnie Mouse ice pops. They’d probably remember other smaller details such as reading the giant Winnie the Pooh story book but not as much as they would the simultaneous appearance of all of Disney’s characters in one invigorating street show.

Before the parade starts, they’re both as gloomy as hell. Try waiting under the sun not knowing what exactly you’re waiting for and let me know how bored it’d make you.

But the moment the Disneyland Parade rolled and the colorful characters arrived, my two kids both couldn’t contain their excitement as they started cheering and singing along the “Hippity Hoppity Hop Springtime” as if they’ve known the parade song forever.

And I couldn’t blame them. I was there for the first time in spring of 2004 and I was just as thrilled (or perhaps twice as much) to see all the characters in one big parade. But of course, I wasn’t able to do the character roll calls like there weren’t too many other people around because there were too many other people around.

I believe what makes Disneyland the happiest place on earth are not the rides or the even theme park itself. What makes Disneyland the happiest place on earth are the character parades.

Kids Waiting for Disneyland Easter Parade

While waiting for the Tokyo Disneyland Easter Parade of Characters

Tokyo Disneyland Mickey & Minnie ice pops

Tokyo Disneyland Mickey & Minnie ice pops

Toon Town, Tokyo Disneyland

Toon Town, Tokyo Disneyland

It’s too challenging writing this entry while keeping the use of wow-adjectives in minimum so allow me to just post photos of the parade.

Tokyo Disneyland Parade in photos

Click on the photos to enlarge.

Here’s a video of the 2015 Tokyo Disneyland Easter Parade as uploaded by Youtube user scenesfromeurope.

Evening came and the temperature dropped lower, the kids turned grumpily ever after. But as soon as the Disney Electric Parade came marching in, suddenly the cold never bothered them anyway.

Getting around Tokyo Disneyland Resort

The best train route is via Tokyo station and take either JR Keiyo Line or JR Musashino Line to Maihama station where Tokyo Disneyland is located. Train exit at Maihama Station connects directly to the resort entrance.

  • JR Keiyo Line: From Tokyo station to Maihama station; approximately 15 mins.
  • JR Musashino Line: From Tokyo station to Maihama station; approximately 15 mins.

There are buses going to Tokyo Disneyland Resort coming from different areas around Tokyo but I would not really recommend it for those not familiar with the bus system in Japan but if you really want to try for experience’s sake, take the direct highway buses at JR Highway Bus Terminal near the New South Exit of Shinjuku Station. If you missed it, just go back to Shinjuku train station and take the JR Chuo Line (14 mins. by Express) to Tokyo Station.

From Haneda Airport, there are buses going to Tokyo Disneyland at the following bus terminals:

From Haneda Airport, approximately 45 mins. to Tokyo Disneyland Resort

  • Haneda International Terminal Bus Stop No. 5
  • Haneda Terminal 1 Bus Stop No. 6
  • Haneda Terminal 2 Bus Stop No. 6

From Narita Airport, approximately 55 mins. to Tokyo Disneyland Resort

  • Narita Terminal 1 Bus Stop No. 5
  • Narita Terminal 2 Bus Stop No. 12
  • Narita Terminal 3 Bus Stop No. 6

How to Purchase Tokyo Disneyland Resort Tickets

Tokyo Disneyland Resort tickets can be purchased on the resort entrance but may also be purchased in advanced from several 7-Eleven outlets or online through the resort’s official website.

When you arrive in Japan, visit any 7-Eleven convenience store and buy your tickets there. You may opt to pay in cash or credit card and their machine will print the ticket in full color. Lovely isn’t it? I was so surprised too when my sister told me about this.

Ticket prices are as follows: Child (ages 4 to 11) ¥7,400; Junior (ages 12-17) ¥6,400; Adult (ageas 18 and up) ¥7,400; Senior (ages 65 and up) ¥6,700). Admission is free for children 3 years old and below.

Tokyo Disneyland Parade - It’s WHEN the magic happens

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