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Virgin shores at Calayo Beach, Nasugbu, Batangas

May 28, 2009

We’ve been planning this trip the entire year but we just couldn’t agree on a date and location due to various conflicts – budget being the top reason. But thanks to random bloggers we stumbled upon during our almost eternal search for the perfect location that we were able to find this place and finally had everyone to finally agree. Special thanks to Rajavoom who took the liberty of navigating us through text messages on our way to Calayo beach. Go pester him on his blog, Prosti.

Fishing boats on the shore of Calayo beach

Calayo beach is a small cove hidden in a small fishing village in Brgy. Calayo in Nasugbu, Batangas. What’s so exciting about this beach is that, since it’s still undeveloped and un-commercialized, you don’t have to rub elbows with strangers while swimming or rolling your naked selves on the fine grains of sand along the shore. We were the only outsiders when we were there. It’s like having the whole beach, its virgin shores and fine sands, all for ourselves.

A small nipa hut for rent at Calayo beach

The only drawback is that you won’t find a closed cottage, a room or a hostel to leave your things while you’re swimming or sleeping. Fortunately though, the residents have built and offer small nipa huts for PHP500 for a day trip or PHP1,000 overnight. Or maybe you could get it for less depending on your haggling skills. Just don’t leave your important things unattended or just have someone to watch over your things while your swimming or burying yourselves under the sands.

Deep well (poso)
Grilled eggplant

The owners of the nipa huts being rented also offer their deep well and makeshift shower room.

There’s also a sari-sari store nearby where you could buy Coca-cola products, gas for your kerosene lamps (if brought one) or for your coal grill and bonfires. I can’t remember if there were ice cubes being sold there so you had to buy before you go or stop by along the sari-sari stores along Nasugbu proper. We bought our ice tubes and drinks from a store near Jollibee Nasugbu.

Shores of Calayo beach

Shores of Calayo beach
Drift wood on Calayo beachfront

There were small pieces of woods which were probably carried by the waves. Also, about 3 feet deep, you could still see grains of sands floating with the water because of the strong waves disturbing the surface underneath. But if you would go to the far ends of the beach where the water is more calm, you could see the sand clearly from the water surface.

Rock wall leading to Calayong Munti

Rock wall leading to Calayong Munti
Clear waters at Calayo beach

According to the residents, there are white sands on the other side of the beach (which they call Calayong Munti). Unfortunately, to reach that part, we would have to cross the water along that wall of rocks and since we didn’t know how deep the water was in that area at that time, we decided not go to go any farther.

There were also reported sighting of butandings (whale sharks) in the coasts of Brgy. Calayo but the last reported sighting was way back in March 2009. According to the residents, the whale sharks probably got scared and started to leave the place when people start discovering the beach.

Clear waters at Calayo

Small islet in Calayo own by Tony Cojuanco

Notice that islet? According to the residents of Brgy. Calayo, that small island is owned by business tycoon Tony Cojuanco.

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How to go to Calayo Beach

Unfortunately, since Calayo is still considerably a secluded area, you can’t reach the place if you’re just commuting because the buses plying along Aguinaldo highway to Nasugbu stop somewhere between Jollibee Nasugbu and the Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Church and front that point, you would still need an hour drive from that place to Brgy. Calayo. You could follow the stiff and zig-zaggy road leading to Terraza de Punta Fuego (from there you’ll still need about 20 or 30 minutes drive) and Hamilo Coast (but you won’t need to go that far).

Nasugbu arch "Welcome to Nasugbu"

Roundabout in Nasugbu

Jollibee Nasugbu

If you turn left at C. Alvarez St., between Andok’s Litson Manok and Liempo and Jollibee Nasugbu, you’ll arrive at Apacible Boulevard where Bernabeach Resort and other resorts are.

Zig-zag road to Brgy. Calayo and Hamilo Coast

To put it simple, just follow the signs leading to Hamilo Coast once you reached the arch welcoming you to Nasugbu. The signage are scattered all over, it’s almost impossible to miss. Start asking around when you start to see houses past the zig-zaggy road.

Going to Hamilo Coast, Calayo resort is on the left side of the road. The place must be “Unang Distrito” as suggested on the sign boards along the way.

Update December 8, 2016: As evident on the map below, several developers have shown interest in the development of Calayo beach. As of this update, various resorts have already been built around the cove. The upside of this is that you could already book your accommodations prior to your visit. The downside is we never know how long will the peace and quiet be maintained in the area, and what other effects to the environment these changes will cause.

Last updated: December 8, 2016

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